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about us

Apollonia Productions specializes in high quality content and a fast turnaround. Our partnerships are with brands that understand the irresistible pull of a strong narrative.  The work we create combines the epic and the personal - telling human stories in profound landscapes. We have a decorated history of producing motion pictures, documentaries, corporate videos and short films.

Our bi-coastal operations in New York and Los Angeles are complimented by our Global availability. We are happy to speak with you - please contact us here.



Our Services



Hours and hours of footage. Drives filled with stills. Volumes of stunning imagery woven into 10 second teasers, 5 minute shorts, full length films, promotional videos, travel industry reels and executive promotional clips that never cause their audience to yawn! This is the stuff that makes leaving the Caribbean after flying in for a 1 day shoot...bearable (almost!) When we create footage, we see beyond the camera, we imagine beyond the script and we aim to capture the feeling behind the message you want to deliver.


Navigating production budgets, crew needs and location specifics can be a nightmare if there is no plan nor experience. We are a lean production company that continues to invest ourselves in projects that are important to cover and not necessarily ones that come with gold bars as payment. We know what is needed to make a film. We know what is needed to create a teaser and we definitely know what is needed when the shot can only be made on the other side of the world then edited remotely. We get it and we are able to advise you in all areas of film production.


It has to be done. Are you the one sitting in the editing studio over night every night for days on end? No. We are...because we do it so well. Scroll back up the to "Production" section. This group of people is a power house and when it is time to edit we crop, chop, splice, layer, narrate and deliver. The late nights are filled with high-5s, coffee runs and fond memories of the footage we were a part of capturing.


A producer is as good as their last business role, the network of industry professionals they employ and how they interact, motivate, listen to and inspire their clients. We are inspired by this life and we want to work with people who see things...larger than life. We want the people who walk away from the norm and challenge themselves to show others something that is moving, engaging, important and awe-inspiring.

Location Scouting

We travel. We travel far, we travel well and we find the best of the planet. Dream big for this next production - we will match the location to your concept. Apollonia Productions offers location scouting services anywhere on this earth. Our background in adventure tourism and international filming provide the skills and knowledge to work comfortably almost anywhere.

The quality of service found at Apollonia Productions is top shelf. There is no guessing, there is no “no”. There is a continuous flow of solution-based ideas, experienced based advice and industry connections. The sheer volume of usable material is outstanding. Fascinating to be handed a final product so stylish and seamless it makes all the work involved seem like just another day for Apolla and her team.
— - Travel Industry Executive





the budget

The budget reigns in the dream and keeps it lean. This doesn't mean the possible just became impossible. Rather, it means we look at what you want, distill the message and deliver an achievable plan within your budget and scope. The business of film doesn't need to overwhelm. What do you want? What do you need? When do you want it by? When do you need it by? And, of course, "what is your budget?" Contact us with your ideas or fully formed scope and we would be happy to quote your project.


No Budget, no idea.

Are you in this category? Sometimes we are too. It doesn't mean your scope is, well, out of scope. Contact us with your pitch, or your company's latest marketing idea. Chances are we have a solution and if it involves travel to capture the footage you need...we will figure out a realistic budget for you to work with.





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