case studies

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case study 1 - a woman's guide to the world: Surfing the south island of new zealand (winter)

The Challenge - Air New Zealand wanted to showcase the South Island as a top adventure travel destination for the female market, to reach women who think big and dream even bigger, and to create a real opportunity to defy stereotypes while supporting and depicting women in all their varied and nuanced glory.

The Solution -A Woman’s Guide to the World” is a branded content series about adventure travel as a solo woman. Previous episodes include sailing on a 100 year old tall ship to Antarctica and trekking through the Amazon. Based on the success of these videos, Air New Zealand wanted to strap their brand to our roof rack and come on this soulful surf journey.

The Action - Filmed over the course of 3 weeks on the South Island, we worked closely with Air New Zealand and additional brands to create a 38 minute film that showcases the natural beauty of the area while remaining loyal to the integrity of what “A Woman’s Guide to the World” is built on.

The Result - The film is currently available as part of Air New Zealand’s inflight entertainment. Additionally, it has reached over 750K online views, has been seen in over 100 countries, showcased in surf film festivals on 4 continents, and written up on countless blogs. This video has had an encouraging impact on New Zealand adventure travel, and viewers continue to send messages (almost daily!) about how they draw inspiration from this film.


case study II - rustico presents: sterling hundley

The Challenge - American made leather goods company Rustico needed an inaugural video to expose their brand to the world. They were in search of a meaningful, character driven story that showed the integration of their journals into life and art, inciting their values of craftsmanship, quality and vision. 

The Solution - We searched for the best artist to help us tell Rustico’s story- someone who sketches in their journal, translates that image to a canvas, and has published in GQ, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times. We suggested Sterling Hundley as the man for the job. He’s enjoyed immense success as an illustrator, gaining multiple Gold Awards from the Society of Illustrators. He is also a stoic artist and a rugged all American fellow, who is always reinventing himself and his work. The true Rustico Man.

The Action - Traveling to Sterling’s home state of Virginia to film him in his natural environment, we brought along a small crew with big talent. We hired a principal cinematographer whose work is as artistic as Sterling’s. Our drone cinematographer captured the vastness of the places Sterling’s iconic images stem from. We shot over the course of 3 days, in 12 locations, including in his studio, where we were awed by some of his original work.

The Result - A soulful and inspiring 3 minute video that Rustico can stand behind as a true trademark of their brand’s story.